If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. (Jim Rohn)

Divident Payout

The NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL Las Vegas local office is actively seeking to hire individuals who have been successful in other industries to become financial advisors for our company.  We are a mutual company established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1857 with more than 350 offices across the United States – including our offices in Las Vegas, NV located in Howard Hughes Parkway.  We offer financial services, including life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and employee benefit services. We also provide consultation on asset and income protection, personal needs, investments, financial planning, estate planning, trusts, business needs, retirement, and employee benefits.

Northwestern Mutual announces 2012 financial results which include a record dividend payout to policy owners expected to exceed $5 billion in 2013. In addition, our insurance and annuity lines set new sales records, with annual insurance premium sales greater than $1 billion for the first time in our company’s history.

Capping off a milestone year, Northwestern Mutual was recently named a “Best Company to Sell For” by Selling Power Magazine and a “Best Place to Work in 2013.” This is the 10th consecutive year we’ve received the accolade from Selling Power. We rank first in our industry in the annual list.

The company is the nation’s largest direct provider of individual life insurance in the United States with more than $2 trillion in force. It is also the industry leader in total individual life insurance dividends paid to policy owner.


 NW Mutual Dude

Working with Northwestern Mutual as a financial advisor, you will be an independent contractor. That means you’re running your own financial planning and insurance company the way YOU WANT.  You have the advantage of starting your own company with no up-front capital required from you, plus all the benefits of the training, education and branding of Northwestern Mutual.  You get more than 150 years worth of knowledge and experience passed onto you to ensure your success. 

You’ll have the unique opportunity to create your own destiny and determine the impact you’ll have on the lives of your clients, families and your community.

Successful financial representatives experience tremendous pride and satisfaction in building a practice from the ground up. Their success is not a factor of luck or chance; it’s the result of a productive work ethic, strong relationship skills and a level of professionalism second to none.

You’ll be building your own business from the ground up FOR yourself, but NEVER by yourself! There are weekly training sessions and you’ll be assigned a mentor who will meet with you one-on-one throughout the week to answer questions and offer assistance, hints, tips and resources.  EVERY financial representative with Northwestern Mutual Las Vegas also has a weekly meeting with our Managing Director.  So you get your own company, with a flexible schedule you make yourself with your clients, BUT you also receive all the consistent training and mentorship to ensure you never feel left out at sea alone. With Northwestern Mutual, there will ALWAYS be someone there to help!


 Putting Clients First

Northwestern Mutual maintains unsurpassed ratings for insurance financial strength from all four major rating agencies : A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings.  Northwestern Mutual also has the HIGHEST CASH VALUE RETURN among all major insurance companies! Pretty powerful statement to be able to make to your customers, huh?   That’s why so many customers choose to purchase Northwestern Mutual products – making us the top-rated company in our sector.  Northwestern Mutual has a unique PROPRIETARY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM.  That means ONLY licensed Northwestern Mutual financial representatives can sell Northwestern Mutual products.  But we can sell the other companies’ products.

Are the advantages of working with Northwestern Mutual starting to make sense?

We can sell the other guy’s stuff but they can’t sell ours. AWESOME! Makes your work with Northwestern Mutual that much more beneficial to your career and to your clients’ options.  Perhaps that’s why 95% of the financial advisors who work with Northwestern Mutual for 5 years or more RETIRE with Northwestern Mutual!!  I LOVE THAT STATISTIC!!  A career with Northwestern Mutual is THAT SATISFYING!

Since Northwestern Mutual was founded in 1857 we have always put our customers’ needs FIRST. That’s not a catch phrase – it’s a daily reality.  That means we understand that Northwestern Mutual is not ALWAYS going to have the best product for every customer’s specific niche need.  With Northwestern Mutual, from day one you can sell our products AS WELL AS any other products from any other company.  You are NOT required to sell only Northwestern Mutual products. We make this point because for many of our competitors, you are captive to ONLY sell their products and services for either your first 3 years or for your entire career with those companies.  Not with Northwestern Mutual.  For your entire career with Northwestern Mutual you will be able to say you ALWAYS provided the best product for your customers – not just the best product from your company.


NW Mutual Peeps

When it comes to your training, education and advancement in leadership positions, if your company BELIEVES enough in you to ask you to join its ranks, then your company should have no problem INVESTING in your training and education for perpetuity.  Right?  ??


All you need to get started with Northwestern Mutual initially is to obtain your Life and Health license.  Straightforward license to obtain.  So then who pays?  BETTER NOT BE YOU!  At Northwestern Mutual, if we ask you to come on-board you’re NEVER paying for your licensing, training and education. NEVER.  Northwestern Mutual pays for you to obtain your Life and Health license.  We pay for your training course over a four-week period in Los Angeles (flights, hotels and daily per diems for meals). 

Want to get your series 6 and/or 63?  Want to become a Certified Financial Planner?  Those are expensive certifications to obtain.  We book the courses for you, we mentor you through the courses, and WE pay for the courses and certifications.  If you’re being asked to pay for training and education that’s ultimately going to benefit YOUR company … Well …

Give Northwestern Mutual a call!


Working as a financial advisor for insurance and financial product sales is a commission job. Point blank. However, to the victor belong the spoils.  For those professionals confident enough in their sales abilities (or your ability to learn selling skills as we will teach you this as well), you receive UNLIMITED EARNINGS potential instead of a pre-determined hourly rate or salary that is 100% CERTAIN to benefit the employer and not YOU as the employee.  That’s why they agreed to give you that hourly rate or salary that THEY determined.   Because they know they’re getting more profit from your time and services than what they’re paying you.  So take more risk with a commission job and receive MUCH GREATER RETURNS.  That’s how you move from a hamster “little dog” on someone else’s wheel to the independent, calling-the-shots “BIG DOG”. You take more risk and you simply work hard, work smart, and deliver.

At Northwestern Mutual you’ll be paid an enhanced commission structure giving you a MUCH higher commission of 82% starting out with us than the industry standard commission of 55%.  You also get full medical, dental and vision benefits for you and your dependents.  Typical financial advisors make SIX FIGURES within their 2nd to 3rd year (many make six figures their FIRST year) and over 25% of Northwestern Mutual financial advisors nationwide make $1.2 million or more annually! Yes, we said it cause it’s TRUE! A seven figure career and we provide you the proven successful formula and step-by-step guidance.  All you supply is the positive attitude, the hard-work, self-motivation and resilience.


While you help provide financial security to your clients, we are committed to offering a  benefit program that provides a high level of financial security for you.

Whether you are single or married with a family, Northwestern Mutual’s benefit package will address the various stages of a full-time financial representative’s life.

These benefits include:

COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL COVERAGE – This package covers financial representatives as well as spouses and dependent children. Representatives in their first three years automatically receive the company share of the monthly premiums without a minimum earnings requirement.

RETIREMENT – A two-part program paid by Northwestern Mutual consisting of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

FLEX PROGRAMS – These are voluntary programs that reduce your taxable income by using pre-tax dollars to pay for group medical premiums, life insurance or out-of-pocket health care expenses.

CHILDCARE/ELDERCARE – Our assistance plan can help you find solutions to your dependent-care needs.

MATERNITY LEAVE – Individual maternity leave options can be discussed within your local Network Office.

GROUP LIFE AND ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT – New financial representatives are eligible, subject to underwriting, for life insurance and accidental death benefits.

DISABILITY INCOME INSURANCE – Our long-term disability plan replaces a percentage of a financial representative’s average monthly Northwestern Mutual income up to a monthly maximum amount.


NW Mutual Lady

Contact the Director of Recruiting – REGINA FORD – on 702-734-4447 TODAY to confirm an appointment in our Las Vegas, NV Howard Hughes offices.  Or e-mail with a copy of your resume today.  You must be a current resident of Las Vegas, NV to apply.  You do not need to have any previous experience in financial services to apply.  Previous customer service and/or sales experience is a plus!

And remember …  “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” (Ralph Marston)  So stop thinking about immediate short-term, small gains with hourly jobs.  Start thinking about the long-term, strategic CAREERS that will provide you and your family lucrative annual revenue, a great lifestyle, consistent job growth, constant learning and long-term positive impact on your life and on the lives of people in your community.  Start thinking about joining Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Advisor TODAY!!



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